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The Six Key Requirements of Multicloud Security

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The Key to Cloud Security: Consistency.

Cloud security threats and risks come in many forms. They range from malware to configuration errors to weak access controls and beyond.

And although these threats are fundamentally different, their ability to materialize inside your environment boils down to one key issue – the lack of consistency. With regards to how your cloud environments are configured and how your workloads are deployed, the less consistency you have, the easier it is for security risks to creep into your cloud and remain under your radar. 

The good news is, you can achieve consistent security across multicloud environments with the right approach.

In this eBook, we’ve laid out actionable guidance to help you optimize multicloud consistency and security. By breaking down best practices and security requirements into six basic categories, your cloud admin and DevSecOps teams can conquer the deep challenges of multicloud security.

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