Deception: The Secret Weapon Against Identity-Based Attacks

Published by SentinelOne

Despite advancements in modern security controls, identity-based attacks remain a major challenge for businesses. Organizations need more effective ways to protect identities and identity management infrastructures. Deception is an often-overlooked tool that significantly improves Identity Security by creating false targets that deter attackers from compromising valuable assets.

To strengthen your identity defense layer, tune in to this expert-led webinar where you will learn:

  • How you can use deception to stop identity-based attacks from becoming successful
  • The benefits and real-world results of incorporating deception into your identity security strategy
  • The latest advancements in deception that can help inform and strengthen your security program long term

Deception reverses the power dynamics between attackers and defenders, putting the burden of success on them instead of you. Watch now to discover the power of deception in defending against the most sophisticated identity-based attacks.

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